Project Description

We met Mr and Mrs Bassey Esua 2 years ago at a client’s child birthday party where we shot both photos and video.

Mr. Bassey requested a photo shot with his wife. we gladly obliged. He was pleased and promised to stay in touch. Suddenly on sunday morning, a call came through to our official line and the voice at the other end identified himself as Mr Bassey Esua. He asked if it was possible to deploy one of our men to shoot photography for him as same morning was his daughter’s dedication in church.

Immediately, we got one of our best hands to rush off to church and then from there to their home for the reception. Ordinarily, we do not respond to emergencies like this because of security but like Winners church will say… “His case is different”.


See Photos in the slide.

Project Details

Client Mr and Mrs Bassey Esua
Location Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Completed 2017