• Cinematography is the art and technique of camera and lighting in the making of a motion picture film. It involves technical concerns such as camera, lens, format, and lighting instruments just to name a few, as well as various methods related to composition and subject modelling in order to tell the story. Sony HD motion picture cameras are used in Term 1, both for training and production, and Arri lighting makes up the initial tungsten package.


  • This course covers the role and responsibilities of a director in script development, pre-production, production, and post-production. Students learn to tell a story cinematically, use the camera as a tool, prepare a script analysis and engage in the casting and rehearsal process with actors.

Post Production

In this introductory class, students learn the incredible creative power that post-production provides the filmmaker in the following areas: picture editing, sound editing, sound mixing, music, and colour correction. Emphasis is on the overall post-production process and the larger decisions necessary in these areas, and the importance of knowing your post-production direction well before filming takes place. Hands-on learning with non-linear editing software will introduce the students to creating a project and properly organizing and naming files for the purposes of picture editorial.


  • Producing 1 takes students through their first journey in independent film production by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and experience to produce a zero-budget short film. By the end of the term, students have taken a film from the initial concept through the script stage all the way to production and be ready to take it into the next stage of post-production and distribution.

Production Design

In Production Design 1, students learn how to create and pitch a design as part of the competition for the Term 2 show, while also learning to make effective set decoration decisions for zero-budget productions this term.


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